Castle of Water by Dane Huckelbridge


I had high hopes for this one due to the outpour of gushing praise for this book via bookstagram. However, this one was just not for me.

The gist of the story is that an American named Barry Bleecker and a French woman named Sophie Ducel get stranded on a desert island when their plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean in the vicinity of Tahiti and they are the sole survivors.

The majority if the book takes place on the island, where Sophie and Barry scrounge for food and struggle for survival for years.

I won’t elaborate anything else that happens, except that in the beginning to middle of the book, the two appear to hate each other: making fun of each other because of their nationalities (i.e. “You’re so French because this and that., Americans are so…”) and generally are miserable. Then they eventually fall in love.

Blah. This story was already barely believable that two people survive a plane crash and survive on a deserted island for years. And then two people who vehemently hate each other fall in love? Nah, sorry. I don’t buy into it.

I give it 3 stars because at times, the writing was beautiful. Also, I found the ending to be satisfying for the story. I just didn’t really buy into it. I’ll leave you with a passage I found beautiful:

“Even though I’ve never been to the places you’ve told me about, I love them because they’re part of you. I can close my eyes and see them. Cleveland in the summer is beautiful– deep, dark, sad, and green. The farm in the south of Illinois is all gold–golden sunlight, golden corn.”

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