In Cold Blood by Truman Capote


This year, I’ve been trying to read more classics. Of the suggestions I received, this one stuck out to me. True Crime? Yes. Narrative non-fiction? Yes. Sold! I am a self-described murderino and essentially was compelled to read this book.

As someone who typically shies away from non-fiction, something has to really grab me in order to read non-fiction. I’ve been realizing narrative non-fiction tends to pull me in and keep me hooked more than straight forward non-fiction.

In Cold Blood is based on the true story of The Clutters, a good-natured family from Holcomb, Kansas who get brutally murdered one day in their home. The book follows The Clutters in the days leading up to their death and Dick and Perry, the two men who killed them, culminating to their deaths and subsequent investigation.

What I didn’t expect from this book was an appreciation for small town life. In some ways, I wish there was a separate book that focused on the quaintness of Holcomb, Kansas without the context of The Clutter murders. There’s also a fairly thorough explanation of the psychology of the murderers and somewhat of some sympathy for one of the murderers.

I recommend this book to you if you enjoy true crime, narrative non-fiction and an exploration of the psychology of a murderer.

Tonight, having dried and brushed her hair and bound it in a gauzy bandana, she set out the clothes she intended to wear for church the next morning: nylons, black pumps, a red velveteen dress– her prettiest, which she herself had made. It was the dress in which she was to be buried.”

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